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Drama queen?

I am not a drama queen.


I’m a drama representative, elected for and by the people.


when andrew lloyd webber said he wants to write a musical adaption of school of rock


when andrew lloyd webber said he wants to add hip hop to the cats revival


andrew lloyd webber



radical idea: musicals about people of color that dont have to do with them falling in love with a white person


Theatre taught me magic does exist, you just have to create it yourself.


Live your life like a Stephen Sondheim musical- Strong, Poignant, and with at least one cameo by Bernadette Peters


if the theatre fandom is so accepting why is it that i, cats,


This is for the anon that asked to see the Off-Broadway Spring Awakening playbill

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Broadway musicals have ruined my life in the best way possible


it’s all fun and games until act 2